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Functional Fitness Solution

With the “Functional Fitness Solution” you can put an end to the pains of aging and growing old and have all the energy you need to keep doing the things you love doing. To learn more about it Just Click Here!

With this program you will get easy to follow instructions which will help you feel 20 years younger. It was written by one of the foremost experts in fitness for 50 – 70 year old women and men.

Imagine being fit, carefree and having all the energy to do all the things you loved in your youth, whether that be playing sports, hiking, playing with your grandchildren or any kind of physical activity. You can with The Functional Fitness Solution.

Imagine having fit strong muscles and being able to enjoy physical activity with your children and grandchildren without any muscle ache or joint pains.

The Aging process is something every person will face at some point in their lives, but it doesn’t have to be a pain if you follow this program, you will stay fit and full of energy into your golden years.

With The Functional Fitness Solution you will discover renewed energy, improve your confidence, increase your fitness, stamina and endurance, and enjoy all of the activities that fit and healthy people enjoy.

The Functional Fitness Solution is more than just a fitness program. Many fitness solutions don’t have an impact on your life and fitness, they may be long and gruelling leaving you exhausted. Many fitness programs are just not designed for people who wish to stay fit and healthy as they age.

The Functional Fitness Solution was developed by Dr. Dan Ritchie and Dr. Cody Sipe.  Both highly experienced, credentialed and educated fitness professionals, and physiologists. They have designed this system for mature adults.


Other Tips for Staying Fit

Getting older doesn’t only mean saggy skin and greying hair and aching bones. You are also more susceptible to diseases like cancer and cardiovascular illnesses as you begin to age. The tips in this article can help you with staying young.

The quality of life starts to improve by experiencing positive energy and harmony in our lives. staying young, doing things we love, adding variety, passionate living, selfless love, ‘can-do’ attitude – all go a long way in making your life a truly delightful journey. Here are some tips for living radiantly alive each day of your life.

Make smart and healthy lifestyle decisions. Quit smoking. Cut down on the booze. In addition to being terrible habits, smoking and drinking will only hinder your efforts to get fit and lead a healthier lifestyle. Smoking wreaks havoc on your lungs and impedes your ability to properly exercise each day. Drinking is awful both for your liver and your energy levels.

Professional guidance can make fitness training much more effective. If you have a friend with lots of experience with exercise and healthy eating, do not hesitate to get advice from them. When you reach the limits of what your acquaintances can teach you, consider engaging a personal trainer. A personal trainer’s expertise, can deliver great results and be more than worth the expense. Having a high level of fitness helps you staying young!


Sleep is a resting, repairing and regenerating time. For staying young this is a keypoint. You need to sleep eight hours each night to get rid of your stress and balance changes. If you don’t sleep enough, you will have a hard time loving life and staying young.

Aerobics and Fitness

Increasing our fitness levels is essential too. The world’s oldest marathon runner is 101 year-old. He has completed nine marathons sometime back, twelve as well as in April of 2012, he beat his own record. At 101, he jogs ten miles every day and was a division of the London Olympics Torch. He didn’t begin running seriously until eleven years ago, so it’s never too late to begin your fitness regime. Another, a Canadian, recently ran a marathon at seventy-three years of aging in under three hours.

Buy Wii Fit! Believe it or not this video game is actually quite helpful in aiding your fitness routine. This game lets you get a full workout without having to leave your house. It also teaches you some basic manoeuvres so that, if you do decide to move to a public space to do your workout, you will have some knowledge under your belt. Lots of people shy away from working out in public because they are afraid of looking foolish. You can avoid this dilemma when you use Wii Fit.


A daily program of stretching for some older adults has proven to raise circulation and strengthen overall body pain associated with arthritis and help you in staying young. Stretching helps prevent injuries before warming up muscles and tendons which will lessen the chance of tearing. Seniors should spend no less than 10 minutes per day stretching the several muscle groups to reduce general pain.


Swimming is a whole body workout with the least stress figure. Great for the aging with little stamina. Swimming tones full body, burns calories, as well as doesn’t injure. The downside is obtaining a pool, lake, or ocean that’s amenable to year round swimming. Swimming is enjoyed only by those that do not mind getting wet.


And with the many means of transportation nowadays, riding a bike to work or to school will prove to be economical and earth friendly too. This no wonder why some adults are still enjoying and getting pleasure in biking that they spend hours just riding it. One will surely ask, is biking a child’s play? Is it meant just for kids?


Other things that will assist in keeping your hormones healthy are eating enough good fats in a diet program. Did you know that human hormones are made by cholesterol? If you are on cholesterol lowering medications long term, then you might want to talk to your healthcare professional to make sure all of your hormones haven’t worn down. If you avoid getting enough cholesterol in your diet, then your liver makes cholesterol.

Eat well with antioxidant rich foods – Antioxidants usually are found in colourful fruits and vegetables and help cut down the damage caused by free radicals in your system. Eating lots of fresh, organic fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, fish and meat is vital to reduce the speed of the process of aging. The nutrients which are in these foods too will help with your energy levels. Help to make our body work better by providing anti-oxidants which help to reduce the aging routine. Anti- oxidants stop the “wrinkles” in your body, as a result you’ll be healthier and help you avoid getting sick.

A way of rejuvenating the skin is by taking anti-oxidants. These elements directly affect the skin cells and make you look younger. So where do you get the anti-oxidants from? The biggest sources of them are fruits and vegetables, taken in raw form provide a good number of anti-oxidants. The fruit that is most rich in its content is Pomegranate. Also if you are a tea lover then green tea is something that you need to start having. Well green tea is filled with anti-oxidants and this is the reason it is able to provide so many health benefits.

A key tip to staying young and healthy is to eat nuts. Nuts are a great snack and a fantastic food to prevent the signs of aging. Nuts are loaded with anti-aging fats and are great sources of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Just be careful when eating nuts to eat them in moderation because they are high in calories.

Drink Plenty of Water – Water helps our body to regenerate cells and prevent dehydration as well. Make sure to drink 8-12 glasses a day to attain a fresh, glowing look.

Control: You need to watch and control your diet when you embark on a diet plan. You need to become more active and utilize more energy than the food you consume.

One must consume the correct amount of calories as calculated according to the diet plan. Each food item carries a particular number of calories. It’s necessary to consult a nutritional expert regarding the amount of calories a particular food item provides. Consuming healthy food is one way to stay away from illnesses and help staying young. It is the key element for staying fit!!!

Eat slowly: We all have the habit of eating fast. We tend to literally swallow food in big gulps in less than a minute as if someone else will take away our food. Eat slowly and take breaks in between. Take the next mouthful only if you feel hungry.


These suggestions will confirm that getting back in shape isn’t as hard as you might think. It will take time and dedication. You will have to work at fitness and make necessary changes in your current lifestyle. Your dedication to being fit will flow over into other aspects of your life as well. If you’re a star worker, star spouse, and star parent, then becoming a star at fitness shouldn’t be too hard. So get off the computer and get your body moving! These simple steps show that improving your fitness can be easy. You just have to be willing to be patient and dedicated. These skills can help you in almost any situation in life. Use the positive results from other areas of your life to motivate you in your endeavour to become fit. Get up, get out and get going!